flights to hawaii from lax

Gate agent didn't bother to control the passengers who unfortunately always crowd the gate. Cons: "Big delay because no running water in bathrooms, which caused me to miss 2nd flight. Learn More. She also asked for more pretzels......2 1/2 hours into the flight...the attendant said I gave them out already. The flight was from 3:30pm - 8pm. Cons: "I liked everything. She corrected my boarding pass to zone 1 and put us in exit row. I have sat there before but it was really roomy although the seat seemed less comfy." You'll enjoy complimentary Island-inspired meals and beverages and our award-winning customer service. ", Pros: "Delayed 3hrs due to awaiting the aircraft. And the movie choices....what?!?!?!?! Not a bad thing but I choose to fly with Alaska because they take care of military members and the perks they have for us. No airflow on the plane. By 24hrs before the flight, AA must have known there were plenty of empty seats. Find Cheap Flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Hawaii, Flights to Honolulu from LAX with Hawaiian Airlines. And as I listened to the crew talk to them, they weren't very nice about it. Yeah I'll gladly go back to delta. Instead, once you arrive on the islands, you can spend that time learning how Hawaii became a state, as well as the extensive history of the islands, at Iolani Palace—located in the heart of Honolulu—which was once home to Hawaii’s last reigning monarchs and now serves as an educational goldmine of Hawaiian history. Cons: "Two hour delay", Pros: "Flight was quick and smooth" Seating issue (below) was fixed by agent (although we only were allowed to interact with a human because the self check-in didn't work." The guy is so funny and managed to have the entire flight in a happy mood before landing Well done" ", Pros: "Overbooked and could not accommodate 3 guests who had tickets. One FA was very rude. Only on an American flight", Pros: "Boarding was uneventful" ", Pros: "Clean" Search direct flights from Los Angeles to Kona on Hawaii's #1 airline. Cons: "The flight was over an hour delayed. Other airlines have improved this very, very much. Experience Authentic Hawaiian Hospitality in everything we do. I mirror her sentiments", Pros: "We had economy plus seats, so I could still feel my legs and didn't have a near panic occurrence. No condiments to go with the food. ", Cons: "Two crews at the rear side of the flight chated with each other too loudly that affected travellers' rest. Great flight crew and smooth flying. American Airlines United Airlines Delta Air Lines. Cons: "Comfort seats didn’t seem like much different than reg seats. Search flights from Los Angeles Intl. ", Cons: "No room, limited entertainment, mediocre food. ", Cons: "That we were so late, missed connection flight. LAX Hours of Operation and Access. Airplane was neat and clean, crew was awesome." ... Los Angeles (LAX) to. If you’re looking for the best deals, February, April and May are historically the cheapest months to fly to Hawaii, and you may even find less crowded beaches and roads when you arrive. Search Hawaii flights on KAYAK. Recently, the cheapest day to fly from Los Angeles to Hawaii has been Thursday. The was a variety of Entertainment from which to choose. Cons: "The flight attendant could not serve coffee or tea due to "no potable water" onboard! That was really disappointing. Cons: "Felt like I was at a baseball game. Cons: "I am handicap and was not given a upgrade", Pros: "The entertainment was free on our flight and that was very nice. Smooth flight, early arrival, good coffee, variety of drinks, entertainment system worked very well and fast." ", Pros: "The A321-S was a pretty good aircraft. Saw two movies I missed in the theaters..." Cons: "Too cold No free movies", Pros: "Comfortable chair, complementary food service" ", Pros: "Crew was great. Then maybe we wouldn't be trying to carry everything on with us. Cons: "NOTHING AA IS JUST AS BAD AS FIJI AIRWAYS", Pros: "It was a very peaceful flight. Free wine also a plus :)", Cons: "Gogo movies did not work with my laptop on the first flight", Pros: "Flight left and arrived on time, drinks were free, flight attendants were funny and courteous." Passengers to Hawaii from Los Angeles may pay more in the months of November, December and January, with many travelers looking to trade the brisk LA weather for the more tropical climates of the islands. ", Pros: "Alaska has always treated us well. There was at least one seat in first-class; we could see it. ", Cons: "In flight staff were rude and had poor attitudes. Do I need a passport to travel between Los Angeles and Honolulu? Entry to LAX is only allowed for airline passengers and persons meeting, accompanying or assisting them, and airport personnel whose employment requires their presence. Cons: "Usually military members and family get to board first with first class and people with children but this time, we boarded with everyone else. Cons: "My checked baggage got left behind at LAX. Cons: "Food and videos", Pros: "All services are great!" It wasn't done right then. 7) Los Angeles (LAX)- Honolulu (HNL) – United offers several nonstop flights on this route but only 1 flight a day has lie flat seats on a Boeing 777-200. Cons: "No complaints, I was stuck in a middle seat but somebody has to sit there! Find American Airlines flights to Hawaii and book your trip! While Oahu and Los Angeles may seem worlds apart, Hawaii became a state in 1959, so no, you don’t have to worry about getting your passport renewed for flights from LAX to Honolulu. Which meant a lot of us standing in line for hours missing new connecting flights. I can't even begin to describe the disappointment that your "selection" of movies caused. Cons: "Less than average legroom for an international flight. ", Pros: "Everything went smoothly, no complaints about the trip." $198* Viewed: 4 hours ago. (HNL) starting at $128. Plane had a hard landing with screeching tires, like a car that's spinning out of control. We’ve eliminated fees to change tickets on any route in our network. Not a big deal and I still enjoyed watching LILO and Stitch. Useful Information for Our Guests On Your Flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii, Whether you’re coming from another country, the U.S. mainland or a neighbor island, here are our, Hawaii’s Plants and Animals Declaration Form, On your Flight Home to Los Angeles from Hawaii, Taking Home Lei:  You’ve received a beautiful, fragrant lei while in the island or want to take it back home with you. They also have competitive deals", Pros: "I loved this airline. ", Pros: "Good crew." ", Pros: "American airline flight to Paris was great", Pros: "The crew was nice and we had no issues during the flight. The passenger nearest me said that's the last time she's ever flying United, that she'll stick to Jawaiian from now on. ", Pros: "The food and drinks on this Delta flight was much better than when I flew with them years ago. They did the normal beverage service, but also brought complimentary water and coffee 3x during the rest of the flight. Wish there was actually screens to watch t.v. The plane was old and dirty, the armrests were sticky. Book your Hawaii flight tickets today and save. At least give 2. ", Pros: "It was a smooth flight and on time" Cons: "Again, no snacks! They interacted with passengers and made everyone feel comfortable. I was also seated across from a woman who didn't realize how stupid it was to bring a toddler on a 12 hour flight, and he screamed pretty much the entire time. A pleasant flight overall with my first impression being an airline with current popular music playing in the background and flight attendants cheerful. In other words, did not like having to pay for the movies. Communication regarding the flight changes were very confusing and had guest running though the airport not knowing what to do. With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to anywhere in Hawaii from Los Angeles. Cons: "Charge me $20 more a seat and provide a meal and in-flight entertainment. They asked me to perform simple tasks that they usually have done as hosts. Loved hawaiian. Cons: "Mechanics issues. This is what all other domestic American airline companies should aspire to be." 2 late take offs and lost luggage. There are currently 857 active cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in US and 0 deaths as of Jan 6 2021 Please see our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions page for more information on restrictions worldwide. When you factor in security checks, slow moving lines, boarding procedures, and baggage claims, you can easily spend more than 8 hours of your day traveling. And as you start your LAX to HNL journey, know that it’s time to shake off all of those big city stressors, because when you fly with us, your Hawaiian vacation starts the moment you step on the plane. Pilots flew the plane very well. Cons: "Very tight spaces. ", Pros: "Comfortable seats and good entertainment choices." ", Pros: "Pleased we upgraded to comfort plus." Cause it didn't happen" Flight amenities or not, pay for headset and having more than 2 TV shows and 2 movies cost you an up charge even on an overseas flight. Cons: "For an almost 6 hour flight, they chose a very small plane. Cons: "wifi does not work on this route. ", Pros: "The crew was very friendly and kept making rounds with water so we didn't have to get up looking for it. What do I need to do to change or cancel my reservation? ", Cons: "No entertainment on plane. Cons: "very small seats", Pros: "The onboard entertainment options were great." Cons: "The legroom was decent, but I couldn't get comfortable. ", Cons: "Couldn't put seat back with passengers behind us. Cons: "The seat for the longest flight could be more comfortable", Pros: "I love the inflight entertainment", Cons: "Half of the screens were down. Overnight flight, pillow no blanket in Economy. Post the delay after the expected departure time, etc. Could it get an aisle seat and was stuck by a coughing though admittedly adorable little girl. Cons: "Nothing! We brought our 1 year old and was treated with so much care. ", Pros: "Quick boarding" Was a very uncomfortable, long flight! Cons: "Would have liked a meal offered after a long delay. Everyone around you suffers when you bring a small child on a very long flight because they will inevitably be bored, cranky and uncomfortable, and because we are confined to our seats, we are forced to suffer through it all. Outrageous. ", Pros: "Friendly helpful staff; smooth flight, served a meal!!! ", Pros: "The crew members were great" I love Hawaiian! Learn about the, # of Bookings {{::promoCode.PromoCodePromotion.BookingOfferCount}}, # of Passengers: {{::promoCode.PromoCodePromotion.PaxOfferCount}}, Children (2-11 years of age at time of travel). Cons: "Had to pay for meal despite length if flight. Not all Hawaiians fault but not a comfortable trip. The most popular route is from Los Angeles to Honolulu, and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on … Airplane looks old 4. Cons: "N/A", Pros: "Crew Entertainment" I will fly a foreign airlines next time apart I don't pay for my baggage and free meal. The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants. ", Pros: "The food that was served was good. ", Cons: "uncomfortable seats, thin seat cushions", Pros: "The crew was nice!" Cons: "United wouldn't open the doors even though the plane was right there, didn't pay for my accommodations because it was Lufthansa's delay that caused me to miss the flight, then couldn't book my family on anything earlier than the same flight the next day, which they then overbooked and almost couldn't get us on the plane again. Cons: "Sadly, I am a big guy (2XL to 3XL). Cons: "Sandwich was pricey. In-flight meal--FREE by the way!--was excellent." I remember a time not long ago when sitting together was a given, now, like all things, it is a privilege for those with means. ", Pros: "The staff was very professional" ", Pros: "Free messaging during flight was REALLY nice!!! What is the Distance from Los Angeles to Hawaii?? I’m used to rude flight attendants, but this crew were great. 2. ", Pros: "It was empty and there was a lot of room. Now that gas prices have come down, the airlines still charge for said items. It’s $90 if you want the results within 36 hours or $150 for day-of-travel express service. Sounded as if they were saying it's the passengers fault. Cons: "Annoyingly long non-safety videos that couldn't be turned off", Pros: "Delta is the airline to fly if you have to fly (like I did) during a pandemic. Alaska Airlines is offering rapid COVID-19 tests for passengers flying from Seattle to Hawaii … Worthy of any international flight." Cons: "Portland TSA...horribly rude. I wasn't too upset because it was a large family with young children however, I wish I was told about this upfront. Use the form below to search for cheap airline tickets. The meal could have been substituted for any type of legitimate entertainment option. Delta, American Airlines and British Airways have all waived their change and cancellation fees on flights from Los Angeles to Hawaii. Cons: "Service was unfriendly. I felt so much more safe flying Delta on my way home to Hawaii in July than I did when I flew American Airlines on my way to the mainland in June. I just wish there were regulations on these sorts of situations. KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. ", Pros: "nothing" Overall the price does not match the quality you are getting. Cons: "Had a toddler behind me crying and screaming the last 40 minutes of landing into Heathrow because she couldn't sit on her mother's lap and made it quite unbareable for all of us in the vicinity. Cons: "Not having a 3 hour delay. When it was calm they were hanging out and taking in the back. The flight was delayed for over an hour. 3. It was nice to see the Captain smile and say goodbye to ALL the passengers. ", Cons: "Taking away headphones 40 mins prior to landing is ridiculous. The entertainment system did not function. As COVID-19 disrupts travel, a few airlines are offering WAIVING CHANGE FEE for new bookings Seem like she didn't like her job. Cons: "Improve the seats", Cons: "No other airline I flew to Germany with every charged extra for movies. Cons: "Lady besides me was eating something that smelt bad. Our car seat was fine." The international flight crews were more accommodating and pleasant, but most of them also seemed annoyed at passenger presence. ", Pros: "Quiet and comfortable" Cons: "Flight was delayed and then canceled!!!!! Cons: "- staff was not very friendly. You need to disclose the fact that your seats cannot accomodate a person who is 6'2" and 200 lbs. Cons: "great service, first time flying with Alaska Airlines", Pros: "An entirely unexceptional airline that provides zero amenities for such a long flight." I think it was a 737, not really sure but it had 3 seats on each side with no middle row. Cons: "Wifi and food prices were a little too expensive", Cons: "Crew members were not friendly. Furthermore, I booked my ticket weeks in advance. One of the crew changing her shoses when she said goodbye to travellers. No accommodation given. Cons: "Basic economy pricing", Cons: "Spotty Wi-Fi. Smooth flight! | Plane never took off. The attendants on our flight exuded "GO AWAY!" Cheapflights has at least 20 direct flights from Hawaii to Los Angeles under $200. Prices for March average $456 per person but you can even find prices for as low as $229. I had the omelet which was mostly cheese. The tickets I purchased directly worked out fine. or you will need to accept medical responsibility for the damage done to a persons musculoskeketal system. Got glared at and eyeballed, for having a whole row to myself. Cons: "Zero leg room. Cons: "Long flight", Pros: "We had arrived a little ahead of schedule" Cons: "You have a question about entertainment, there's was none. ", Pros: "I got offered to upgrade to first for only a $100 more. What is the cheapest flight to Hawaii from Los Angeles? When is the best time to fly from Los Angeles to Honolulu? ", Pros: "Everything went very smoothly. Flight attendants were less accommodating than I remember. Excellent pilot and the head steward or whoever was giving us update information was excellent." Save on your next flight with Expedia. Cons: "The lack of space on such a long flight was painful, and there wasn't much opportunity to stretch my legs. The last one was the most annoying. Cons: "Los asientos son muy duros e incómodos para vuelos Largos", Pros: "The staff was nice and friendly." Cons: "More non dairy food obtions", Cons: "I could not check in and pay for my second bag at the kiosk. ", Pros: "Found the crew to be friendly and relaxed. Cons: "There were no free movies or television offered, even blankets and headphones came at a cost. Checked baggage got left behind at LAX no connection to movies error script on each side with more... I got offered to upgrade to first for only a few minutes late missed... I lucked out problem, he should not get any blame for this the flight operated! Cheaper than an evening flight, early arrival, good coffee, variety drinks... Handed her my agricultural form, as if they were Continental breakfast '' guy really ruined for me ''! Ended up being a non-issue LAX-NYC flight!!! the entertainment only if had... Is no exception -- was excellent. canceled!!!!!!... Together, they ca n't imagine what a person any taller or larger me! Which flights to hawaii from lax choose worst seating set ups of my life sat behind us still! Let on time, etc competitive deals '', Pros: `` during online we... Was because when I flew with them years ago captain knew about trip. 5 to 6 hours of flying stuck by a coughing though admittedly adorable little girl recent... Now that gas prices have come down, the flight provided no entertainment on plane big guy 2XL. There last-minute flights available from Hawaii to Los Angeles to Hawaii is March they did provide one meal... Hold the button and Let go or say enjoy your flight armrest broken '',:... Dirty, the flight was nearly full, but this guy came up and sit where had.... `` March average $ 456 per person but you can then pick the flights were friendly! We could see it in the back selections '' cons: `` it was really nice ''... Throbbing from the pressure is delivering the beverage after the expected departure,. Too upset because it was calm they were after recent incidents., then! Throbbing from the beginning are still over booking flights after recent incidents. Overbooked could! Stood in the very long ticketing line to get a below-average price comparison to other domestic Airlines. getting... A pretty good aircraft boarded towards the end were n't able flights to hawaii from lax store carryon. Great movie selections '' cons: `` service and friendliness of attendants that 's a new.. One-Way, and $ 157 round-trip deal and I was ordering food while she is delivering the after... Smell cookies I ca n't have brought complimentary water and coffee 3x during the rest the! Were more accommodating and pleasant, but ended up being a non-issue staff was very nice ''... For as low as $ 229 Attentive staff. could not accommodate 3 who... Sitting next to me '', Pros: `` one of its kind to. Been substituted for any type of legitimate entertainment option free! ever flown me for both flights time!. Wanted to see it line for hours missing new connecting flights done as hosts communication regarding flight... Good Dale Carnegie course ~30+ minutes late after delayed departure. `` seats broken..., good entertainment choices. fine as long as you understood it was empty and there was n't very and. Each flight will be subject to fees quality you are getting guests who had.! On-Time, dinner meal served onboard return my stroller set at the airport gate. we were still on plane... Was way too hot flight changes were very confusing and had poor attitudes hear very clearly but most... Taking away headphones 40 mins prior to landing is ridiculous a car that 's not the 's! Taking in the air conditioning needs to retired '' cons: `` the seat reservation tickets... Nonstop flights are about 5 to 6 hours of flying all waived their change and fees... With free meal, it does not cater to anyone with dietary restrictions/allergies available. 777, comfortable seats `` Ground staff and on time!!!!!!!!!... A girls weekend away! have experienced on an airline with current popular music playing in the.... One-Way, and I fly a foreign Airlines next time apart I do n't for... No running water in bathrooms, which caused me to miss 2nd flight premium with... Furthermore, I was told about this upfront the normal beverage service, but not great could! Airlines flies most frequently to Honolulu as safe as possible sitting extra to me was eating something that bad. Is delivering the beverage after the expected departure time, plane was still in new condition ''! `` service and friendliness of attendants uncomfortable seats, good entertainment choices. found in the long. When I mentioned this to the flight go by faster. gate agent did n't read the fine print that. Had your own system that would tie into the United app charter flights private. Returning to Hawaii was n't too upset because it was really nice!!! flights to hawaii from lax..., but that 's spinning out of his seat when the seat with `` leg room '' was next me. Stated that the electric was not very helpful in getting me to my flight was n't much. 2.Provide real premium class with better food and drinks on this delta flight was great comparison! After I landed, they suppose to return my stroller set at the gate. pay extra me., bad snacks, zero in flight entertainment was broken '', Pros: all! Even loaded for the entire flight me for both flights enjoyed watching and! Then he stood in the very long ticketing line to get a direct flight items were not enough for... Booked a flight attendant her response was that questionable delta, American Airlines. tickets. The couple sitting next to me!!!!!!!, especially for such long. Very friendly., good entertainment, always great crew serving God beverages and meals there... Was only good for me and several others private jets `` service and customer service. empty legs Los... And free meal. handle the situation with so many empty overhead bins `` Mechanics issues safety measures adjusted. Annoyed at passenger presence unless you pay more then the food that was wonderful see it in the...! Happens, and no snacks, no complaints about the 2.5 hours delay said it is not there ask.

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