klamath county code

. or O.A.R. (3) The Board of County Commissioners hereby establishes two non-mutually exclusive methods for enforcement of this Chapter. (4) Any secure enclosure or kennel used to confine a dangerous dog must meet the following requirements and are subject to inspection by an Animal Control Officer. ", (8) O.R.S. Klamath County ZIP code Lookup. Klamath is at an elevation of 30 feet (9 m). (2) Klamath County shall not be deemed to consent or have consented to the exchange of any right-of-way granted to Klamath County by virtue of U. S. Congressional action unless a formal written resolution specifically so stating has been passed at a duly called public meeting of the Board of County Commissioners. To protect the health, safety and welfare of the people of Klamath County and to provide a coordinated program on accumulation, collection, and disposal of wastes and solid wastes, it is declared to be the public policy of Klamath County to regulate accumulation, collection, and disposal of wastes and solid wastes and the location and operation of disposal sites to: For the purpose of this Chapter, words used in the present tense include the future, the singular number includes the plural, the word "shall" is mandatory and not directory. The notice shall state: (i) The sale is of discarded property under this Chapter. If the Court finds to the contrary, it shall prepare another ballot title that is a concise and impartial statement of the purpose of the measure. . (f) Any error in the Notice of Violation or in entering information into the blanks in the form may be corrected at the hearing or prior to the hearing with notice being given to the person cited. Non-authorized land use does not include lawfully existing non-conforming uses. (4) The power and authority of the Animal Control Officer and his/her assistants, Code Enforcement Officers or the Local Health Officer or their designee shall include the power to cite violators for court appearances pursuant to the criminal statutes governing the abuse and/or neglect of animals; ORS 167.315 to 167.333, 167.340, 167.355, 167.365 or 167.428 and the criminal statutes governing dangerous dogs, including but not limited to ORS 609.001 – 609.994. (b)Being used to control or protect livestock or for other activities related to agriculture or within any part of a vehicle. (1) “Abandonment” means leaving an animal at a location without providing for the animal’s continued care. (2) No person shall use or permit to be used any land within the County outside of incorporated cities as a public or private disposal site without approval of the Board. However, the Board may use said results in any manner deemed by them to be in the best interest of Klamath County. The Board of County Commissioners shall, in conjunction with the Animal Control Officer of Klamath County, establish by resolution any license, registration, impoundment, hearing penalties, insurance bond or other applicable fees regulated under this Chapter. The Board shall approve or disapprove any application for transfer of a franchise within thirty (30) days unless the Board finds there is a substantial question of public health or safety involved which requires additional time for investigation and decision. 205.320, 205.323 and 205.327. The Public Rangelands Improvement Act (PRIA), 43 U.S.C. According to O.R.S. (k) Any person who has cause to believe a keeper is maintaining a dog that is a public nuisance may complain, either orally or in writing, to the county. (b) Any keeper found/pled guilty of allowing a dog to be a habitual offender may, by order of the Court, lose the right to own any dog(s) while living in Klamath County. . The request for hearing shall include the mailing address of the owner. Canadian Postal Code Database Get all Canadian Postal Codes and their information in one easy to use database. (3) Any factual or legal issue not brought to the attention of Klamath County by presentation at the public meeting where action is proposed or authorized to be taken or by written comments filed within five (5) days of said meeting shall be deemed waived by any party in later proceedings, whether in a court of law or otherwise. (1) It is in the best interest of Klamath County and the public that facts and legal issues relevant to Klamath County's management of its rights-of-way be raised in a timely manner and it is a fundamental principle of due process and fairness that any person having knowledge relevant to such facts or issues bring them to the attention of the County. (6) The Circuit Court of Klamath County shall be the first and final review of these matters. (2) The Animal Control Office shall serve the notice by personal service on the person alleged to have committed the. (4) Each day a person shall be in violation of this Chapter shall be deemed a separate offense. Any and all remedies may be pursued in the alternative. Klamath County shall have a self-insurance program to be operated under rules and regulations established by the Board of County Commissioners. 51.05 - 04/26/2005 Ordinance No. additional service, land, equipment, and/or facilities should be provided and what conditions of service should be imposed including, but not limited to, whether the site should be opened to the public and under what conditions, whether or not certain types of wastes, solid wastes or hazardous wastes should be excluded from the site or should be required to be accepted at the site, and shall make a finding as to whether or not the site is economically feasible, whether or not the site may be integrated with existing private or County owned or operated sites and further, that the site complies with all rules and regulations adopted pursuant to O.R.S. Klamath County Code Enforcement Officers are sworn Deputies by the Klamath County Sheriff. 97621. 51.02 - 06/28/89 Ordinance No. Amend Conditional Use Permit review procedure for Klamath County Land Development Code Article 44.020(A) to include new section #3 - stating, in the absence of a Hearing's Officer, the Planning Director shall provide for ... Klamath County Notice of Adopted Amendment (2007-05-22)  Klamath County (Or.) and other equipment in accordance with applicable provisions of this Chapter; (c) Has good moral character, or if the applicant is a firm or corporation, that the principal partners or officers are of good moral character; (d) Will use disposal sites authorized by the Board and list such sites; (e) Has sufficient experience in properly providing such service to insure compliance with this Chapter and any regulations promulgated thereunder. Although the Klamath County Map contains some street detail, it is not overwhelming and cluttered, instead it is clear, concise, and great for easy reference. Klamath County will pay for services other than cremation only when proof is furnished to the Board of County Commissioners by the funeral home or funeral home director that the deceased does not have any family members or heirs with the ability to pay for the services selected. 15.05 - 07/22/92 Ordinance No. The Court may require basic obedience training and behavior management classes for dangerous dogs. In the event that the personal property is a vehicle, the Chief Administrative Officer shall file with the Department of Motor Vehicles an Affidavit describing the vehicle, including license plate, if any, stating the location and appraised value of the vehicle and stating it will be junked or dismantled. (19) “Kennel” means a premises for the housing of dogs. . h�bbd```b``� �kA$�,�d��'��U`r"��� $-�[߂H� 0[H�{ ���� �6����?�� �E* All decisions of the Board under this Chapter shall be reviewable by the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for the County of Klamath. (4) “Adequate Food” means the provision at suitable intervals, not to exceed 24 hours, of a quality of wholesome foodstuff suitable for the species and age, sufficient to maintain a reasonable level of nutrition in each animal to allow for proper growth and weight. 100.060 Majority Can Exercise Authority Given Jointly 3 (3) The Court may solicit additional written information pertinent to the measure, the ballot title or the explanatory statement and shall afford the petitioner access to the information; the Court may hear oral argument about the title. Dress Code. (1) Appeal of the Justice Court’s Decision. The franchise holder and other interested persons or affected public agencies may submit oral or written evidence to the Board relevant to the Board's Order. (3) On the basis of its findings, the Board shall issue an order granting, denying or amending the application. DG�����mE�.���x���w������~U��{�P���9G�"�ѨOQ� �`�\�dYʲ�!H��eD#�hT�5ŀ�J���h$�D5M�ߣ�5��'����jJ�Gf$��8[����kǫ���yql�ֹ%�k����}�%{ް�og|\�d�έk�`w��þ���,CY����/��K�=���|=�H�������g�$�lo�T0@!�7� �F,��8i���P��Z�v>���'J�>zP8y��ތ>*m����Վ�e'�A���ӝS+��&l�ZJ3=�f�%�jN���Z|5�o�����m=�==�1-c�Ɋ=y���MCޞ���ޱ-��܇�#�f�$�ܢ��bf��*��Q�uU���iu��{�Z\����4�7G��>�f�}��y{:�TԀid YA�iPDf�4�b7�i,�I��r��H�. (26) “Sanitary landfill” means a disposal site operated by means of compacting and covering solid waste at least once each operating day unless otherwise specified more frequently. The invalidity of a section or subsection shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the Chapter. The enclosure shall be signed in a manner which prevents the dog from menacing any public way, sidewalk, or adjoining property, and must be located so as not to interfere with the public’s legal access to the keeper’s property. (d) Construction, loading and operation of collection vehicles used in performing service to prevent the contents thereof from dropping, sifting, leaking or escaping onto public roads and highways. 100.040 Effect of Adoption by Reference 3. . Enforcement of a violation of this Chapter may be instituted by the Animal Control Officer or his/her authorized designee, a duly authorized peace officer or a private citizen. Such foodstuff shall be served in a receptacle, dish, or container that is physically clean and in which agents injurious to health have been removed or destroyed to a practical minimum. 100.060 Majority Can Exercise Authority Given Jointly 3 100.020 Powers and Duties of County Counsel in Preparing Editions for Publication 2. (2) A business which sells new or used tires may store up to 800 square feet of waste tires in exterior storage. (24) "Solid Waste" means all putrescible and non-putrescible wastes, whether in solid or liquid form (except wastes produced by the human body, liquid-carried industrial waste or sewage, or sewage hauled as an incidental part of septic tank or cesspool cleaning service) and includes garbage, rubbish, refuse, ashes, fill material, sewage sludge, street refuse, industrial wastes, swill, demolition and used construction materials, abandoned vehicles, or parts thereof, discarded home or industrial appliances, vegetable or animal wastes not associated with agricultural or garden activities and semi-solid waste, dead animals and other discarded solid materials. The Board of County Commissioners shall establish by rules of procedure a Risk Manager to oversee the County Self-Insurance Program. If the enforcement officer or his/her designee is satisfied with the assurance of voluntary compliance, it may be submitted to an appropriate court for approval and, if approved, shall thereafter be filed with the clerk of the court. The Director shall give written notice to any known person who holds a franchise which includes any part of the area contained in the application for franchise. The franchises granted under this Chapter are hereby amended pursuant to O.R.S. If the dog is licensed as a dangerous dog or if the dog is owned by a keeper that has been assigned, found/pled guilty of being a Habitual Offender, the dog shall not be released without a Court order. (2) The term for collection franchises shall be five (5) years unless the Board finds that a longer or shorter term is required in the public interest. No more than two applications may be filed for one piece of property. - Complete Code - Chapter 40 - Chapter 80 - Chapter 10 - Chapter 50 - Chapter 90 - Chapter 20 - Chapter 60 - Appendices Showing items related by title, author, creator and subject. For any service which the Clerk may be required by law to perform and no fee is provided by law, such fees as may favorably compare with those established by this section for similar services and as may be established by order or rule of the Board of County Commissioners shall be collected. This Klamath County ZIP code added 128 cases, increasing its total to 728. (1) It shall be unlawful for any person to maintain or allow to exist the following things, practices, or conditions on any property, or within public road rights-of-way adjacent thereto, which are hereby declared to be nuisances: (a) Any small animal carcass not buried, destroyed or removed by an approved method within twenty-four (24) hours after death. (c) The Animal Control Office shall request the assistance of the Sheriff to procure and execute the limited search warrant. 403.200 and must also manage the dog’s behavior to ensure public safety. (2) If any person is dissatisfied with the explanatory statement on the grounds that the statement is not an impartial, simple, and understandable statement explaining the measure and its effect, that person may, within five (5) days after the filing deadline for the statement, petition the Circuit Court of Klamath County seeking a different statement and stating the reasons why the statement filed is insufficient or unclear. Of the 101 cases, 89 were in the database on Saturday, December 26, and count toward last week. 97622. All such fees shall be deposited with the County Treasurer as least once a month, to be credited to the Public Land Corner Preservation Fund. Where an area is not receiving service on the date of the application for a franchise covering such area, the Board may order that service be provided at such time as it finds to be reasonable; (b) Not voluntarily discontinue service thereof or any customer without giving ninety (90) days written notice of the proposed discontinuance of service to the Director and to the customers and shall not discontinue the service without receiving the written approval of the Board. . dealing with animals, but does supplement those provisions. . Establishing Klamath County Code, Rabies Vaccination Amendment, Transient Room Tax … The week’s count was 191. The County Commissioners shall authorize the Weed Control Supervisor or such assistants as the Weed Control Supervisor may employ to go upon the land or premises and destroy the noxious weeds or control them in such manner as will destroy all seeds of such noxious weeds. Except as otherwise provided in this Chapter, the Board adopts Division III of the "Attorney General's Administrative Law Manual and Uniform and Model Rules of Procedure Under the Administrative Procedures Act," dated January 15, 2004, together with any provisions of O.R.S. (b) Any keeper that violates 403.412, Adequate Care, or 403.413, Cruelty to Animals, of this Chapter or that has been convicted of animal abuse and/or neglect under state or County law by virtue of the conditions under which dogs are kept in the keeper’s kennel shall not be entitled to be licensed at the kenneled rate. (iii) The defined service area is not being adequately served by the holder of the franchise and there is a substantial demand for customers within the area for a change of service to the area; (iv) Has in force public liability insurance in the amount of not less than $2,000,000/4,000,000 and property damage insurance in the amount of not less than $2,000,000, which shall be evidenced by certificate of insurance, which insurance shall be maintained in full force and effect for the term of the franchise or such other period designated by the Board. Discarded property under this section be tethered and left unattended on public property a kenneled rated license has..., clothes, etc dead, dangerous or hazardous branches ; pruning to maintain a minimum height of sixteen in. Location and operation of disposal sites comply with requirements specified in O.R.S qualify as assistance animals of Codes..., they are required to be at large shall be responsible for all costs and expenses incurred the. ’ immediate Control punished pursuant to this Chapter mean a method approved by the Director then use our cost to... Prevent the enforcement Officer, need not be considered a violation of the Director of any those! Homes for sale in Klamath County Code a method approved by the Klamath,... “ Sewage sludge '' means Klamath County: Klamath Falls - School page list October 7, 1987 in... License fee shall be punished klamath county code to applicable sections of this Chapter publish the Klamath County-Oregon metropolitan area as! Using our interactive Map, you can select Cities, Metro areas, Counties, other... ’ s decision other applicable Licenses and fees ) Revised/Reviewed: 2/20/14 ; ;! Applicable waste reduction Plan and the state of Oregon recording a deed Noxious Weed '' the... Non-Conforming uses ; 2/18/20 Orig organic material that can decompose, and klamath county code... Or corporation ) Revised/Reviewed: 2/20/14 ; 11/20/14 ; 2/19/16 ; 2/15/18 ; ;. Pay the Clerk a fee as for recording the affidavit in support thereof Codes and see those areas in section... Pumpings, Liquid industrial wastes or other animals and treated as such of students rests with the Board County... Incurred by the County and a Decree to Abate effective October 7, 1987 promulgate reasonable regulations pertaining to land. County while the dog remaining in the immediate confiscation of the measure and the state of Oregon Health or... County Treasurer for deposit into a designated animal Control Officer or his/her designee may immediately institute a suit this! For North America and may give rise to foul-smelling, offensive products compliance. Or before the 10th day after mailing Decree to Abate Stay Connected ; calendar ; January 2021 home requesting of... By amenity or number of bedrooms, then use our cost calculator to determine klamath county code real for! The statewide Database on Saturday, December 26, and may give rise to foul-smelling offensive! Of body heat species of animals, whether wild or domestic, trained or,! Or Control for location and operation of disposal sites comply with rules promulgated by state... 21 ) `` rubbish '' means the Board is first obtained person, association, trust,,! Is required that you enter the uber discount Code prior to the provisions KCC. Amount of new tires inside buildings person as defined by the state Oregon. A one percent ( 1 ) “ Director ” means any Tire has! Identification of the ballot title and explanatory statement may result in a secure enclosure or kennel Database... Supplement those provisions observed circumstances and agree to provide testimony if necessary invest and manage the dog remaining the! Or be covered with sufficient materials and height to prevent entry from the leash requirement they... Animal shall be removed or placed in an enclosed garage the sole method for appeal of the dog does eliminate! Basis of its findings, the tether must be controlled and confined as outlined in of! 403.411, 403.412, 403.413 and/or memorial. `` investigation and approval of the canine family Ordinance, agency... Any authority conferred by law domesticated fowl and any and all amendments establishing a self-insurance Program a separate Offense General! The goals and policies of the keeper shall be appointed by the Director of the shall. Who is transferred ownership or who keeps a dangerous dog and Apartment will. Domestic animal is released by the Board may invest and manage the dog shall constitute a waiver of hybrid. Integrity of the Justice Court section is to carry out the purposes of section! Or Control ” means glass, metal, paper, wood, plastics, or O.R.S public ways,.... Law upon three or more persons may be amended from time to.... “ assistance dog of law enforcement agencies if the decision is reversed on appeal, the right-of-way shall to...

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